A dosa-a-day – why not!

I ate my first dosa after a 17 hour bus trip on a nightmare road from Manali to Delhi (it was a long time ago).

I was riding on top of the engine in a cramped cab while the driver  chewed beetle and popped pills to stay awake.

The dosa was like manna from Heaven. Now they’re my regular breakfast food.



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Why is so little known about this ancient vegan cheese?


Because only very poor people made it and hence it wasn’t something to be boasted about.

Recipes were kept ‘hush-hush’.

Search ‘kishk’ and you’ll find out just how difficult it is to nail details on how to make it.

It’s made from grain.


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Can you guess what I’ve been making?

Hint – it’s vegan (but it doesn’t taste like it!).



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Free Fire Logs

I’ve just cleaned out the filing cabinet and I’m using the paper

to make logs for the fire.

Here’s how to do it: 

Open both ends of a tin can.

Tightly roll your waste paper to create a roll which

will fit snugly into the tin.

Push the roll through the openings in  the tin.

Burn the fire logs at a ratio of 1/3 fire log to 2/3

regular firewood. If the paper is printed with plant-based materials

(and most is nowadays), compost the ash.

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100% Home-grown broadbean tempeh

I feel like I’ve just entered a new era in ‘gardening’.

This delicious tempeh was cultured from Rhizopus microporus var. oligosporus

(tempeh spores) which I grew and harvested myself.

The broadbeans are from our own garden.

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Colour Amid the Cold


Even the coldest summer in 32+ years of having lived in Papatowai could not deter the

glorious gladioli from blooming. Leaving them where they were, however, was to have them

battered by wind and rain so I donned wet weather gear and brought the spikes inside to light

up the living room. A visitor commented that ‘glads’ are now considered a ‘rather old-fashioned’

flower! Perhaps they are and perhaps that makes me old-fashioned, too!

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Who needs to dine out when the garden is just a step away and the chooks have produced an egg!

best-plain best-meal

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