Yakon are Here to Stay! Winter them over – NOW!

Here’s how to divide your yakon, and winter them over in the greenhouse.

#After digging, sever the stem 20cm above the rhizomes (the knobbly bits which grow above the edible tubers).

#Gently break the rhizomes apart (or slice them with a sharp knife if necessary. (For best results each rhizome should weigh no less than 80-120 grams.)

#Dust the broken/cut surfaces with copper powder.

#Half fill large bags or pots with compost. Place the rhizome on top and cover with more compost. Add a mulch (such as sawdust) to suppress weeds.

#Store the bagged rhizomes in the greenhouse (or in a sheltered spot where frost will not reach).

#The rhizomes will send up new shoots and leaves. After all danger of frost is past, plant the new yakon into the garden.

Top tip: Yakon sweeten 2-3 weeks after harvest so don’t be disappointed if your                                                               freshly dug tubers taste bland.

                                 DO YOU GROW YACON?





2 responses to “Yakon are Here to Stay! Winter them over – NOW!

  1. how come I’ve never heard of them? What are they? kumar a? Yams? American sweet potatoes? or some indigenous North Otago rarity?

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