A Sign

Brendon (left) and JohnI like it when the ‘Free to Harvest’ sign on the roadside garden brings people to our home. This morning, before we were even out of bed, Yashoda Dulal Das (John Herbison), who is on a year long journey with his brother, Brendon, in a cart pulled by their horse, Sampson, called to ask for water and a charge on his mobile phone. He said anyone who had painted on a roadside sign: ‘They shall beat their swords into ploughshares and their spears into pruning hooks’ and was offering free vegetables, could be trusted to give water. So, on this peaceful Papatowai morning, while those of many faiths around the world were busy fighting each other, Hare Krishna met Christian and left with some good vegetables.





9 responses to “A Sign

  1. What a wonderful visit! I hope the horse likes silver beet too. I wouldn’t want him to go hungry.

  2. Joy to the world! And wonderful southland hospitality.

  3. Jocelyn le Petit

    What a wonderful visit!

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