Monthly Archives: April 2015

The Waikato Show

Carrot hat

I wore this crazy hat (designed and crafted by the Papatowai artist-permanently-in-residence, Keith Olsen!) to the Waikato Show when I was giving a series of gardening talks there a couple of weekends ago. It was so exciting to have children in the audience who could tell me all about their edible school gardens, recite the names of at least five vegetables they were growing, and rave about the ones they most liked to eat. These are not kids who think cucumbers grow in plastic cling-wrap! The other group that stood out at the talks were new immigrants. They all seemed to be involved in community gardens. They said these gardens give them the opportunity to learn about growing food in a totally new climate but, more importantly, that gardening gives them a way to connect and contribute to their new communities. Growing your own food is just the best!