High Risers

Help – my garden is taller than me!

As summer sprints toward autumn, something amazing happens in the flower garden.

Shasta daisies …

… astilbie …

… galdioli in reds …

…  and greens …

… and fragrant bergamot dominate the ornamental garden, and the result is a riot of colour.

It’s as if each individual flower is vying with its neighbour for more sunlight as it shoots skywards.

Sweet peas form a colourful backdrop to  red cabbages and Brussels sprouts, and the result of my growing them from my own saved seed has meant a profusion of pinks and whites.

I couldn’t be happier that they’ve reverted to these common colours – they all match each other so perfectly!

But my true love this summer is Urospermum Dalechampii or, to give it its less illustrious common name: Smooth Golden Fleece.

I first saw this lemon-lime lovely in the Dunedin Botanic Gardens and when I wrote asking for a pinch of seed so I could grow it myself, the head gardener obliged. Seldom seen in domestic gardens, Dalechampii comes from the  Mediterranean. It flowers throughout the summer on longs stems with a rosette of dandelion-like leaves about its base.

I like to collect its seeds and distribute them among my friends.

And as autumn begins to show its face, I almost weep to say goodbye to this treasure for another year.




2 responses to “High Risers

  1. oh for the red gladdie.
    Thank you for these photos. We must never forget the flowers. I am hoping my golden Fleece grows but the day I planted the seeds, in a pot, carefully, a gust of wind took most of them when I opened the packet. Maybe they will grow in the neighbour’s…

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