Stevia Surveillance

It’s come to this … yes, I’m sleeping with my stevia (and other) seedlings. And all because of a very nasty rodent attack.

Stevia surveillance

I’ve taken to sleeping with my stevia (and other) seedlings following a very vicious rodent raid!

Spring here in The Catlins has taken a turn for the worse and temperatures have plummeted, causing rodents to abandon the great outdoors and sneak back into the house. The result is that we returned home from a weekend in the city to discover that every container of seed we had left sitting on heat pads on the windowledge had been dug up by mice looking for food! Gone was the germinating New Zealand spinach, the heads of several nasturtium shoots had been broken off and … worst of all, my precious stevia seedlings had been dislodged from their seed raising mix and buried beneath it! It took over an hour to put to rights everything that could be saved. Tweezers were employed to handle the tiny stevia seedlings but although they’re back in the soil, who knows if they will weather the storm.

In the meantime, unable to lure the mice into our humane mouse-catcher, I can take no risks, so every night, the seedlings and I share lodgings. And every morning I cart them back out to the living room and place them on the sunny windowledge again. Now that’s dedication for you!












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